Friday, April 18 | 8PM | Greenwall

Spatial music and the Legacy of Brant

Live acoustic spatial music by Brant, Ives, Gabrieli, Thorvaldsdottir, Monk, Johnson

Monday, April 21 | 8PM | Carriage Barn

Inaugural concert of the Carriage Barn's new 5.1 Surround Sound system

New electroacoustic music from Bennington and abroad

Sound Installations

All over campus, on going, by faculty, students, and Michelle Nagai's Room Tone class, including 3 classic sound art pieces after Neuhaus, Lucier and Young

Also installation of Digital Sanctuaries, by Susie Ibarra/Roberto J. Rodriguez on campus and online at

Opening "field day", Saturday April 19, 1-3pm (meet at Carriage Barn)


Friday, April 18 | 4PM | Fireplace Room

Composer Lisa Bielawa talks about her music and her Airfield Broadcasts

Saturday, April 19 | 3PM | Fireplace Room

Curator/Philosopher Christoph Cox talks about "Sonic Flux: A Prehistory of Sound Art"

Sunday, April 20 (Easter) | 3PM | The Lens

Sing-in: Easter Chants and Medieval spaces, led by faculty member Stephen Higa


"Henry Brant and Spatial Music”, ongoing online.